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 Wound Management
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 New Mexico
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  • Great Work-Life Balance!No Nights, no weekends, no call!
  • Flexible work schedule where you get to decide what time and which day
  • Earn CME hours and Full malpractice insurance with tail coverage

Does integrity define your character? Does excellence define your actions? Does a caring heart define your personality?

If you are a hard-working physician warrior who enjoys seeing a lot of patients and performing procedures, but you don’t want to work nights and weekends or take call, then do we have the position for you. Our warriors work hard, but still have time to recharge and decompress. Our practice physician warriors focus on delivering exceptional care to wound care patients in nursing homes; we provide bedside procedures on a routine basis at the nursing facility as opposed to the hospital.

According to a recent study, physicians are suffering from low career satisfaction, rising rates of work-home conflicts,and greater depersonalization. Long hours and frequent call duty likely contribute to worse work-life balance, greater burnout, and more professional dissatisfaction. Well we think we have found a better way to alleviate the demanding physician practice

Our practice couldn’t be more enjoyable; we are a mobile surgical practice, focused on skin, wound, and ostomy patient issues in nursing home settings. Therefore, if you are seeking a new and exciting specialty in a hands-on bedside procedure oriented practice, you should reply - right now. This would set you up to become an expert in your field and highly advanced in your subspecialty. We provide mentoring, professional guidance, equipment, malpractice insurance, credentialing, and highly advanced wound care and surgical training.

Do you enjoy performing procedures at the bedside? Do you enjoy seeing patients? But do you want to do it all without sacrificing your personal well being, and family time?

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine an average doctor works 59.6 hours a week inside of a hospital… but don’t you want more freedom?

Most physicians feel like they work in a field where patients get sicker… while our up and coming specialty can heal patients fast. Many wish to have a greater camaraderie in their workplace… where teamwork is a cornerstone here at Skilled Physicians Group.

We don’t care about your specialty and training background as much as we do your skills to help patients and the compassionate nature in which you facilitate procedures. If you have the talent and you are driven, we’ll know it. But don’t even reply if you think you’ll find your personal fulfillment by rounding in a different hospital. This is a very real opportunity for you to find true “work & life balance” by having control of your own career in a way most traditional jobs in medicine do not.

Our goal is to empower doctors to live up to the etymology of the word “Doctor”; which is “to teach.” You’ll educate and empower nursing home staff to better understand and better treat wounds. Education and collaboration are at the core of our mission, and we know that working together always yields better results. Our physicians are caring, ethical, and conscientious practitioners who understand the importance of empowering a team and putting patient outcomes first.

But please do not reply if the reason you went to school to get “Dr.” prefix or “M.D.” suffix was so you can have a large group of subordinates to bark orders to… you will not fit in here. If the other physicians or nurses describe your procedure technique as “working on meat” vs. having the intent to relieve a human’s suffering…again you will not fit in here.

Don’t get it wrong, you will work hard, but you will have a full and meaningful life, too. The job satisfaction rating is well over 90%. We called a team member of Skilled Physicians Group to ask what the most important thing we should share with applicants. She was in the middle of documenting on her EMR on her iPad down by the river. Her response was that she knew she would make it home before dinner.

This is a very real opportunity, and we have more business than we can handle; hence this advertisement is for great physicians. Yes, we are open to have you work part time or full time. Currently we are looking for a minimum of two full weekdays; however, you should know full time Monday through Friday physicians will receive priority consideration, due to the magnitude of elderly that need care. Positions are open nationwide, and we invite you to call to discuss specific geographical availability.

We are interested in learning more about you and how you could become a team member here at Skilled Physicians Group. Enter your information, and we’ll give you a call ASAP.

Disclaimer: Skilled Physicians Group will ask all candidates to perform pre-employment confidential testing and appropriate relevant skills testing prior to hiring. Skilled Physicians Group is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information and sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation).



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