Average Salary for Physician Specialty


2016 Salaries by Specialty

The MDSearch research team reviews multiple physician salary reports every year and we then combine that data with what we are experiencing directly via the MDSearch.com website.  That combination of research data and the current actual results from our MDSearch.com Physician Job Board provide, what we feel, is the most accurate and current physician salary information available for 2016.  Below are the specialties that had sufficient data to support those results.

Physician Specialty Average Salary by Specialty 2016
Allergy/Immunology 334,889.00
Anesthesiology 456,141.60
Cardiology Invasive 505,168.00
Cardiology Noninvasive 486,900.40
Dermatology 492,978.80
Emergency Medicine 343,276.00
Endocrinology 246,712.60
Family Medicine 238,147.40
Gastroenterology 500,044.20
Hematology/Oncology 457,796.80
Hospitalist 268,383.00
Internal Medicine 253,263.80
Nephrology 356,092.00
Neurology 286,157.60
OB/GYN 339,029.80
Occupational Medicine 233,461.20
Oncology 481,116.60
Orthopedic Surgery 623,726.80
Otorhinolaryngology 433,103.80
Pathology 384,747.20
Pediatrics 238,195.60
Psychiatry Child 259,668.60
Psychiatry General 256,913.80
Pulmonary Medicine 381,074.60
Radiation Oncology 504,712.20
Radiology Diagnostic 481,305.80
Rheumatology 269,113.60
Surgery Cardiovascular 673,755.80
Surgery General 413,060.40
Surgery Neuro 791,212.40
Surgery Plastic 473,072.40
Surgery Thoracic 543,447.40
Urgent Care 245,958.40
Urology 453,921.00

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