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Client is a provider of surgical hair restoration services  and is a nationally and internationally recognized brand in the industry.  Hair transplantation is the only permanent hair restoration solution for the 35 million Americans who experience hair loss.

Existing doctors have had years of rigorous training and experience in their field, have excellent surgical skills, outstanding patient communication skills, and have had at least 7-10 years of experience in a successful private practice.  Some of our current doctors are Plastic Surgeons, General Surgeons, ENTs and Dermatologists with surgical experience.  

Physicians will  generally perform 2-5 procedures per day. In addition, the physician sees patients in consultations throughout the day.  These consultations give the Physician an opportunity to assess a prospective patient’s needs and expectations regarding hair loss, present a treatment plan and schedule a procedure.  During the procedure, the Physician is assisted by RNs, LPNs, and a combination of Medical Assistants, Surgical Technicians, or Clinical Assistants. In a given surgical office, the Physician is part of a team that includes not only the Clinical Staff, but Senior Counselors (non-clinical team members who meet with and educate patients on hair loss and hair restoration), Front Office Assistants, and the Office Manager.  The Physician enjoys regular daytime hours with no emergencies or night visits.  The office is not open on Sundays or major holidays.   

Consultation Skills and Personality: Our doctors meet with the patients prior to the scheduling of any procedure and as a result, interpersonal skills are very important.  Additionally, there is significant interaction with the clinical team and a positive attitude is critical to the success of the operation.

Hours and vacation time: The typical work week consists of 5 days with every other Saturday open to accommodate Saturday procedures.  The surgical offices are closed on Sundays.  The staff usually arrives around 7:00 am and the doctor is expected at 7:30 am with most procedures starting at 8:00 am.  The day is completed when the last procedure and patient consultation have concluded, usually around 6:00 pm, depending upon the size and level of activity in a given surgical office.

Specialty Training:  Training is done at client's surgical office. Physicians are provided with a corporate residence conveniently located nearby.  They receive three months of intensive training with our expert training surgeons.  Additionally, there is follow up training in the field once the new Physician is in place.

Physician compensation is based upon the gross revenues of the surgical office and is directly related to the number of surgeries performed by the Physician per month. Our typical compensation range is from $250,000+ in the first year to $250,000-$400,000 in subsequent years.  Our benefits include:

·            The resources of a highly successful physician-founded medical organization with impeccable surgical and ethical standards.
·            Freedom from management responsibilities and employee issues, mountains of paperwork, or worries about overhead.
·            No accounts receivable or billing problems. Our patients pay fees in advance of services.
·            No more Medicare, Manager Care, gate-keepers, HMO’s, welfare, DRG’s, RVS codes, prior authorizations, PPO’s or other third party payers. Physicians enjoy the traditional freedom of private fees for service with no vulnerability to the sizeable federally mandated fee cuts that have already occurred in some states and will continue to significantly impact surgeons.
·            No advertising or marketing expenses – Client provides a complete company-wide marketing and public relations service.

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